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TV Repair - Sunshine Coast

TV repair locally completed by local technicians. Brocky's Electronics operate from Maroochydore and repair TVs from Caboolture to Gympie. 

TVs have 4 major compononents; Mainboard, Power Board, T-Con & Panel. We have the service information to accurately diagnose the fault and only replace the parts that are faulty. 

In-warranty & out-of-warranty TV repair; We are the authorised service centre for large TV brands in Australia, as well as the smaller brands. We can assist you whilst your TV repair is in warranty periods, as well as when the warranty has expired. 

"Omg I didn’t think companies still existed like this. If you want 110% customer service and support do not go anywhere else! Brocky and the entire staff went above and beyond in helping to fix our TV issues. They helped to resolve the issues with the manufacture which resulted in us getting our TV replaced. I just can’t thank them enough."

Angie LesterAngie LesterJune 2023
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Warranty Repair

If your television is within warranty period (or not long out of warranty) please click the button below to be taken to our warranty booking page. 

From there, we'll be in touch to confirm warranty status and begin assessment on your TV repair.


TV repair or not to TV repair. We can help you decide. Please fill out the form below with details on your television and the fault that is occurring.

We'll help you figure out whether a TV repair is worthwhile, or whether a replacement would be better.

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Fix Broken Screen

Panels can be replaced in some models of television. Depending on the brand of your TV. You could find that a repair to your television is much less than the cost of a new TV. 

Lines on the screen, whether by physical damage or by internal fault, generally relate to either the T-Con board (inexpensive part) or the panel itself. 

If you have purchased a good name brand, it's worth getting the television assessed to see what the actual fault is, and whether it's repairable. 

Submit a Out-of-Warranty booking above, with a photo of your television for more info.

WiFi / Smart TV Issues

Most of our TV viewing these days is related to the internet, more so than the antenna on the roof. 

A good stable internet connection is crucial for smooth TV viewing without all the buffering & long loading times. 

Sometimes Streaming issues are related to a fault inside the TV (mainboard or wifi card related issues). Sometimes however it can be the internet or WiFi in your home causing the problems. 

Brocky's Electronics work with you for both these issues, and can help resolve it one way or another. 

Testing WiFi Connections

If you are experiencing streaming issues, or can't download TV shows correctly, the first thing to do is to test the WiFi signal. 

Download the app (often called Speedtest by Ookla on mobile devices). 

There are two parts to the test:

1. First, connect your device to the same WiFi network as your television. Stand 1m away from your modem and run the test. 

2. Next, take your device to where the TV is located. Run another test with the device right next to the TV. 

Record these results. If the difference is too great, you might have a WiFi issue (and not a TV issue). If the tests are the same (or similar) even when the TV is actually failing, it may be an internal fault in the TV

Brocky's TV WiFi

TV Repair - TV Won't Power On

If your television is connected to power, but will not power on, contact us for in-home service. 

We'll attend, collect the TV and repair in the workshop. We'll return the TV once repaired and ensure it's again connected and all setup. 





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