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Repair request for fast and efficient service. Book online now and save time. We'll work with you and your schedule to get you working again. We understand the importance of having breakdowns fixed fast and we are here to help. We'll get your item working again!

How it Works

Our booking system

At Brocky's Electronics we work on a queue system with first items in assessed first. This is fair for all. We work hard to ensure fast diagnostic times for everyone. Be sure to fill out the form below and get yourself in the queue asap.

What is the repair process?

Generally all items at Brocky's Electronics are assessed within 14 days with most assessed around 5-7 day mark. 

There is an Emergency Repair option for breakdowns for those in time-crucial situations such as working musicians who have an upcoming gig soon, please click the yellow button below if you require this. Additional fees apply however items will be assessed before the end of next business day.

How long does a repair take once started?

Depending on what type of fault you have, we may be able to repair it at a component level with parts we have on hand. Where possible we'll do this.
In some cases parts are needing to be ordered, in which case we will proceed to order these or quote if it's going to be above the diagnosis threshold. 

Please note, we can't guarantee any part delivery times, we can only ensure parts are ordered fast, and fitted as soon as they arrive. 

What will the costs be?

Standard item diagnostic $220

Labour rate: $90 per 15minutes

*Please note we will stop and quote as soon as possible during a repair. 

At Brocky's Electronics, we understand the value of your investment in electronics. That's why we're dedicated to offering repairs at a fraction of the cost of buying new – typically between 20%-40% of the replacement cost. We also stand firmly behind our unique guarantee that no repair will exceed 60% of the cost of a new item, and we are committed to transparency and fairness.

If, after diagnostic, a repair seems unfeasible, we'll refund a portion of your diagnostic fee. Choose smarter repairs, save money, and join us in our mission to minimize e-waste.

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Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible, this will help us replicate the fault.
Is the fault intermittent?
Provide as much detail on this section as you can. Including what other devices you have connected to your equipment. Anything else you can think of to help us replicate and understand your fault.

Please remember to bring your accessories including power cable


Please note, booking will go into the queue but will not be assessed until the deposit is paid.
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