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Is Repair Worthwhile?

If you ask a salseperson if you should repair or replace, it's in their best interest to say replace every time. But it's not the right answer every time. 

Brocky's Electronics repair for a fraction of the cost of new items. We guarantee we'll never exceed 60% of what a new item would cost, and are currently repairing for an average of just 35% new items in 2024. 


is repair worthwhile?


"Outstanding service! Brocky's TV repaired our TV faster than expected. Very professional and highly recommended for anyone needing quick fixes."  -Emily Roberts

Why Repair?

Besides keeping items out of landfill, repair is simply cheaper. The concerns used to be that a repair would be nearly as much as a new item (so may as well just replace it). But that's not the case. We went through all our jobs and worked out what new items would have cost, and how much money we have saved customers by repairing instead. 

In the past two months, we've saved our customers over $98,000! We have been repairing at a rate of less than 35% for all of 2024 and we are committed to keeping this rate as low as possible. It's teamwork; we have to make sure your item is worth repair, and then when it is, we'll work as fast and efficient to get the job done. 

Brocky's Electronics also give a 12 Months Warranty over every repair, so choose to repair with confidence while we Repair For Less
Repair is worthwhile

The Process

  • What's it Worth? Let's first work out what your item is and what would be the equivalent on the market if we were to go and replace it today. We'll help you find the new version or model number of your unit, and then we'll know what it costs to replace. 
  • Is repair worthwhile? Now let's work out if that allows us enough to be able to repair it; what type of fault it is and how old it is (will parts be available) are the next considerations. 
  • Our Guarantee; If we take the job on, we'll guarantee we can fix it for less than 60% of the new item cost, every time with no exceptions. If we fail, we'll give you a gift voucher of up to $50 towards a new item. Sometimes parts are not available, or more expensive than is worthwhile, it does happen occasionally. We are in it together. 
  • Our Repairs Last; We fix for the long term, that's part of us assessing whether it's worth repairing is whether it will stay repaired, if we take it on, we'll guarantee our repair for 12 Months! 

If a replacement is the best option, we are happy to have helped you figure out what the replacement is, how much it is and where to buy it! There's no wasted time here, if we can help work out what the next step is, that's a win for everyone. 

Is Repair Worthwhile For My Item:

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Consistent or intermittent fault? How long does it take for the fault to occur. What do you do prior to the fault occurring? When the fault occurs, what do you do to resolve it temporarily? Any other information is helpful.

It's our mission to keep your electronics out of landfill whenever possible. We are committed to keeping our repair rate % as low as possible, and helping our customers save money. We back all the work we do with a 12 Months Warranty!

is repair worthwhile next to mountains of landfill

Keeping electronics out of landfill is in everyone's best interest. If we have to, we can advise how to recycle your electronics safely. We don't want electronics in landfill, and would prefer to advise how you can ensure your TVs and amplifiers and digital pianos are recycled instead of dumped. Ask today. 

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