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Welcome to Brocky’s Electronics, where your passion for music meets our expertise in electric piano repair. If your beloved instrument isn’t performing as it should, trust us to restore its melody and harmony. Here at Brocky’s, we understand how crucial a fully functional electric piano is to your musical journey. We're here to ensure that your music never misses a beat.

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Your Passion, Our Promise

As musicians ourselves, we know that an electric piano isn’t just an instrument; it’s a part of your family and a key to your creative expression. When technical issues arise, they can disrupt more than just your practice schedule—they can interrupt your artistic flow and performance readiness. At Brocky's Electronics, we specialize in electric piano repair, ensuring that your connection to music remains uninterrupted.

Keep the Instrument You Love:

There’s comfort in the familiar. Why struggle to adapt to new equipment when you can keep the electric piano you know and love? Our repair services extend the life of your instrument, allowing you to continue creating music on a keyboard you’re perfectly attuned to. You don’t need to face the daunting task of learning a new instrument’s quirks—let us bring your current companion back to its best.

Book anytime online by clicking here, or call our friendly team Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4pm on 1800 544 644 or 0753133129

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Is Repair the Right Choice? Ask Us:

Are you unsure if electric piano repair is worth it? Let Brocky’s Electronics guide you.

Together we will assess the model and age of your instrument and give transparent advice. On whether a repair is a cost-effective solution.

We help you make informed decisions, ensuring that every note you play is a sound investment.

You can avoid the unecessary learning that comes with new equipment. We understand the pleasant familiarity of what you have. But it has to be value, and we'll ensure it is.

Watch as one of our delighted customers, Rosemary Lane, shares her experience with Brocky's Electronics. After a seamless repair process, Rosemary is back at her electric piano, playing a beautiful melody. Listen as she expresses her happiness and gratitude. Noting the expert service she received that allowed her to continue making music without missing a beat. This testimonial not only showcases the quality of our repairs but also the joy our work brings to our customers.

Expertise You Can Rely On:

Our technicians are skilled artisans who combine technical prowess with a deep love for music. Thus making Brocky's Electronics the ideal partner in your musical endeavors. We guarantee that every electric piano repair is performed with meticulous attention to detail. All backed by a commitment to excellence and a 12-month warranty.

Contact our Maroochydore workshop today: You can bring it in or disuss collection by our staff.

Don’t let a malfunctioning electric piano mute your music. Contact Brocky’s Electronics today, and let us tune your instrument to perfection. Book Your Repair Now or call us on 1800 544 644 to discuss how we can help you hit the right notes again.

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