The Brocky’s company started in 2006, with Brock Aspland as a single operator, with a single work area and clear vision of how best to serve the Sunshine Coast.

Over the past 14 years, we have created a team of experienced and qualified technicians that have allowed the Brocky’s group to be known as the industry leader in electronics, televisions and Pro Audio assessment, repair and Installation.

Why Choose Brocky’s?

We’ve created a state of the art, static free workshop, and have the most experienced and qualified technicians. We are local in Maroochydore (South East Queensland).

We are proud of our fast turnaround times, swift pick-up/drop off service, lasting repairs and thoroughly professional service.

World-class professional electronics service right here on the coast, we are dedicated to serving you both this time and the next. We give the right advice, and ensure you continue to get the most use out of your equipment while providing great value service.

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