yamaha repair centre

Brocky’s Electronics are the authorised repair agents for Yamaha amplifiers, electronics and music equipment on the Sunshine Coast.

Yamaha Repair Centre – Procedure

If you have a problem with your Yamaha equipment, please call us directly on 1800 544 644 and we will help you through the repair process. There is no need to call Yamaha directly, and we can handle the repair from start to finish.

Please bring your Yamaha item in to our workshop at 6/12 Newspaper Place in Maroochydore for assessment.

Out-of-Warranty Yamaha Repair Center

If your amplifier or equipment is out of warranty then we can help. We can assess your equipment and then quote to you what parts might be needed to make it right. Please call 1800 544 644 for more details.


We specialise on the following:

Yamaha digital piano/Yamaha digital keyboard repair (synthesizers, stage pianos, home keyboards)

Yamaha Clavinova repair

Yamaha amplifier repair (RX-V models, AVENTAGE, stereo models)

Yamaha soundbar repair

Yamaha portable speaker repair/MusicCast repair

Yamaha speaker repair

Yamaha professional audio repair (including mixers, amplifiers, DAW systems, PA systems, processors, power amplifiers, interfaces, network switches)

Yamaha Electronic Drum repair and drum module repair

clavinova repair